Is it time for your closet transformation? You’ll know the time is right if you struggle to access your wardrobe. Or maybe it’s simply impossible to keep your closet organized. Transforming your closet into an organized, well-functioning space is possible with the right type of closet system and some thoughtful design.

Closet Challenges

A couple remodeling their master bedroom in their 1920s home knew his awkward closet in the master bedroom wasn’t working for him. Lacking a closet system, he needed some help finding a solution to help him stay organized and find what he needed.

The good news was his closet was about eight feet wide and feet four deep, a decent amount of space. But it had some challenges, including:

  • A make shift closet rod, under four feet long, for all of his hanging clothes

    closet transformation before

    Closet with many challenges

  • Tall stacks of folded clothes and other items on a couple shelves
  • Hats piled on a small bookshelf
  • Belts hung over a single hook
  • Folded clothes stored in a small dresser
  • Wobbly shoe rack held several pairs of shoes but many were on the floor
  • An empty pipe running up the center of the closet
  • A window 
  • A light in the middle of a wall

In this closet, the hanging clothes were crammed onto the short rod. The folded clothing was in tall stacks, but not easy to access without messing up the stacks. To top it off, a large dresser in the small bedroom gave the room a cramped and crowded feeling, and compromised the bedroom’s layout. This couple was ready for a closet transformation!

Solution for Closet Challenges

A closet with these design challenges was definitely suited to a custom solution. But a modular closet system would have the disadvantage of not optimizing the space and wouldn’t solve the problems he faced. This was a perfect opportunity to use a customized elfa® design from The Container Store®!

Within hours of measuring both the space and the contents he wanted to store in his closet, I emailed a design to the client. A customized elfa® system was designed to maximize storage space and eliminate the large dresser in the bedroom and the small dresser in the closet. As you can see in the table below, the elfa® design provided plenty of usable space for his clothing. 

before and after closet space

Once the general contractor removed the old rod, shelves, and the conduit, the painter gave the closet a fresh coat of paint. The closet was ready for the elfa® system to be installed!

Installation day arrived. Within a couple hours, the installer from TCS Installation Services was finished and the closet system was ready for the clothes to be returned to the closet. With the additional hanging space, shelf space, and drawers, everything from the large and small dresser, and all the folded clothes from the shelves were easily stored in the newly transformed closet. By adding a belt holder and some storage bins for the shelves, the closet was complete.

closet before and after

Maximized used of wall space to add function


closet before and after

Added hanging space, shelves, and drawers

Delighted Client

After the installation, my client was thrilled with the results! Here is what he had to say: 

5 star review from client

I’ll be honest – I’ve installed elfa® systems with my spouse in our own home. This was before I knew how fast The Container Store’s Installation Services worked! Even a small closet took my husband and me what seemed like all day to install! Unless you love DIY and have all the tools you need, I recommend using The Container Store’s Installation. Getting the closet installed quickly is just one advantage over a DIY installation. The installers know how to handle any issues that arise during the installation.

Ready for your own closet transformation?

I’d love to help you with your closet transformation with one of my closet design packages. Contact me today to get started now. Together we’ll find a solution to your closet challenges.


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