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Are you drowning in piles of paper?

Is your email inbox overflowing?

Overwhelmed by the clutter in your office?

Whether running a small business or managing a household, getting your office or small business organized and effective is a challenge. We’ll find solutions that fit your work style and keep you organized, on track, and effective.

Together we can conquer your paper clutter. We can address digital clutter on your computer and mobile devices. We’ll make sure your important data and information are backed up, protected, and accessible.

Have you tried using the latest technology and productivity apps but end up wasting more time and getting less done? We can help you figure out how to overcome your unique challenges. We will find the right strategies and tools to help you simplify and be more productive. We can even help you save money!

The Innovative Organizer has tailored solutions to overcome:

  • Paper Clutter
  • Paper and Digital Filing Systems
  • Email Management
  • Task Management
  • Work Flow

After working with The Innovative Organizer, business owners have been transformed from overwhelmed to delighted.

“…after working with Laurie, I feel better and less stressed about working in my home office.”

Our clients say they are surprised with how quickly they see results, and they love how easy it is to maintain the systems put in place. What matters most is they’ve found a way to be more effective and breathe easier doing what they love to do.

Stop struggling and wasting time! Reclaim precious hours to focus on the key elements that make you successful.


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Contact Laurie today
by phone 847.893.9163 or by email


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