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  • Preserve Your Memories

Are your printed photos hidden away in albums, boxes, bins, or drawers?

Are your digital images accumulating faster than ever on your computer, camera, or mobile devices?

Are your family movies trapped on film, videotape, or other obsolete media?

It’s easy to understand why any of these scenarios are frustrating! Your photos and videos are your precious memories. They deserve to be easily found, preserved, and protected so that you and your loved ones can share and enjoy having your photos and videos back in your life.

But where do you start when just the thought of organizing your photos and videos is too overwhelming?

The Innovative Organizer can provide solutions and systems to organize and preserve your photos, home movies, and other memories.

Imagine the sense of relief and the joy when:

»  Your photos and memories are organized and easy to share.

»  You can find a special photo quickly and simply

»  Your family videos are easy to view in an up-to-date format

»  Your precious memories are backed up and safely stored

Start sharing your memories now!

  • Looking for someone to do it for you? If you are short on time or patience, we can handle the project from start to finish for you.
  • Want a partner to guide you through the process? Working together may be the best way to get your project completed.
  • Like working on your own? With some guidance and tips to get started, we can teach you how to tackle your project yourself.

Now is the best time to get started so you can enjoy those memories sooner, rather than later!
As a member of The Photo Managers, Laurie Neumann, CPO® and Certified Photo Organizer, owner of The Innovative Organizer can work with you to:

Organize printed photos Scan photos
Organize digital images Convert video to digital
Organize memorabilia Convert film to digital
Develop a photo management system Restore old photos
  Create backup systems


Contact Laurie today by phone 847.893.9163 or  CONTACT LAURIE  

Laurie Neumann Certified Photo Organizer

As a member of The Photo Managers, we partner with the best product and service providers in the photo industry. We are equipped to manage, organize and save your photos allowing you to easily find, preserve and share your stories.


The Photo Organizers

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