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I highly recommend Laurie for her organizing services. Before I started working with Laurie, my home office was disorganized and was negatively impacting my business. Personal records were mixed in with business documents. Nothing was clearly labeled. My computer files were also disorganized with a lot of files in the “Misc” folder. I lacked effective systems for managing receipts, filing documents, scheduling appointments, and managing email. My disorganized office caused me to waste time looking for what I needed, take too long to file expense reports, and miss or double-book appointments. Worst of all, I couldn’t stand working in my office because it drained my energy.
At our first appointment, Laurie spent time to review my situation, asked lots of questions about how I work and what my challenges have been to really understand my pain points. Laurie also made quick work of organizing the supply closet, which inspired me to rearrange and decorate the office before our next session. Prior to Laurie’s help, I was not motivated to do so in the least.


Laurie helped me overcome my challenges by finding a new calendar app for my iPhone, organizing and simplifying my computer files, separating and labeling business and personal files, and developing a system for managing receipts. In addition, she drew up a plan for shelves for the closet to better accommodate my needs. Laurie also recommended LifeinCase®, an easy way to organize and store personal documents.


Three months later,my office is still organized. I’m more productive because I can find materials and documents more quickly, and I now complete my expense reports in half the time. I haven’t double-booked or missed an appointment, and I’m following up on customer requests more readily.


And, because my personal documents were organized, I was able to easily fill out the College FAFSA form for my daughter. Best of all, after working with Laurie, I feel better and less stressed about working in my home office.

Eva Montgomery,

Home Office Client, Woodstock, Illinois

“Laurie truly is The Innovative Organizer.


She came in to help me sort, de-clutter, and organize a mess in my home office that had moved with me two-and-a-half years earlier and continued to grow. I felt totally overwhelmed by the closet full of boxes and file drawers of papers. We worked together for three long days, and sorted through a lot of paper, files, and collections. Laurie provided the insight and guidance to accomplish this.


While there was still some work to be done when the three days were over, she left me with the knowledge, insight and tools to carry on. A major burden had been lifted off my shoulders and, as physically exhausting as it was, it was energizing to have the clutter decreased and effectively managed.”

Barbara Bielucki

Home Office Client, August 2013

“Laurie is a great person to keep you organized.


I hired Laurie to organize all my 2 year old’s baby clothes and toys since the task was too much for me.


Laurie got started right away and labeled everything so I had a way to decide what I might sell or keep. She was very punctual and professional. I have known Laurie for 10 years and she is a great asset to anyone looking for some home or office organization.

Robin Ackerman

Residential Client, Wheaton, Illinois, April 2013

“I highly recommend Laurie Neumann, The Innovative Organizer, for her extraordinary performance in planning, organizing, and executing relocation from Illinois to another state.


Our family found ourselves in desperate need of help from a professional organizer to manage the relocation of our adult disabled son to another state. Because of a variety of health, family and financial issues, he wanted to move closer to us.


After our initial discussion, Laurie approached the project by getting a thorough understanding of our objectives and priorities. Laurie then met with my son and assessed the work to be done and the likely timeline. Working with Laurie was a blessing.


Not only is Laurie a capable and talented organizer, she was sensitive to my son’s health and emotional situation and approached the project in a nonjudgmental, caring, solutions-oriented way.  She managed everything from start to finish, including coordinating significant donations to charities, selling excess electronics, and getting estimates and coordinating the transit of remaining possessions from Chicago to our state.


Our son’s relocation went smoothly and the value of having everything organized when he relocated has paid dividends.  By being “pre-organized,” he has been better able to arrange his new space and keep up the habits he learned from Laurie.


I recommend Laurie to help with any organizational challenge. For us, her service was invaluable.”


Residential Client, December 2012

The Innovative Organizer did an outstanding job organizing the craft room! The system put in place allows us to locate items easily, and all of our craft supplies are extremely accessible. Most of the containers we already had on hand were creatively re-purposed so we did not have to spend a lot of extra money on storage bins. Because this system allows us to see what we have, we won’t be purchasing duplicate craft supplies in the future. The room looks so much better than it did, and we can easily keep it organized now that everything has a place!


Non-Profit Organization, Bartlett, Illinois, May 2011

“It is such a pleasure to walk out into the garage and have so much open space!”

U.N., Residential Client

Residential Client, April 2011

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