Organize Bedroom Closet

A busy mom of four was about to start a new job, but  was overwhelmed by the state of her master bedroom closet. She needed to organizer the bedroom closet to simplify getting ready for work. Her closet was cluttered with a wide range of items in addition to her clothing. The clutter made selecting outfits a challenge. Clothes that she no longer wore or didn’t fit were mixed in with the clothes she could wear.

In a single half-day session, all the items in the closet were sorted into clothes to keep, donations, memorabilia, gifts, documents to shred, and trash. Once everything that didn’t belong in the closet was removed, the clothing was arranged with like items together. Now she could easily see what she owned and put together outfits to wear to her new job. The memorabilia and gifts were stored together and labeled, making them much more accessible.

The burden of this mom’s cluttered bedroom closet was lifted off her shoulders. She felt lighter and more energetic, ready to face the challenge of her new job.

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