Home Office Organizing

Home office organizing is critical to your success, whether you are running your business or managing your household. Especially if you are running your small business from your home office, maintaining a decluttered and organized workspace is key to keeping you productive and successful.

Before working with this small business owner, her office was uninviting and cluttered. The disorganization on her desk and in her paper and computer files was negatively impacting her business, and resulted in wasted time and double-booked appointments. Her storage closet was cluttered with numerous items that did not belong in her office, and she couldn’t easily find the information or materials she needed.

After organizing and simplifying computer files, separating and labeling business and personal files, and developing a system for managing receipts, this business owner became much more productive. She can find information and materials quickly. Once the storage closet was decluttered and the non-essential items were stored in more appropriate locations in her home, she had a renewed sense of energy.

The best part of the decluttering and organizing project is this business owner feels better and is less stressed about working in her home office.

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