Have you ever been frustrated trying to find an essential document of yours when you needed it? Where are your spouse’s or your parent’s important documents? If you had to evacuate your home and grab what you can, do you know where your essential documents are stored? Imagine being able to locate an important document quickly or take all of them with you at a moment’s notice. Sound impossible? Let me tell you about a product that makes it easy to organize essential documents, LifeinCase®.

LifeinCase® is a simple document organizing tool that makes it easy to cut through the clutter and organize essential documents in one place. LifeinCase® is a durable, portable tote with a 500-sheet capacity containing five folders for major categories: Personal, Financial, Property, Medical, and Estate. Large enough to hold all your essentials, LifeinCase® is small enough to take with you. A checklist is printed on the front of each folder to simplify the process of organizing essential documents.

Some of the benefits of LifeinCase® are:

  • Easy to organize your documents: The 5 individual folders are intuitive making it easy to find what you need.
  • No guesswork: Use checklists of 50 essential documents to store in 5 categories: Personal, Financial, Property, Medical, and Estate.
  • Portable: The 5 removable folders and tote are durable, yet small enough to store in a fire-proof safe or travel with you.
  • Just the right size: The 500 sheet capacity tote is water resistant and lightweight, and keeps out the clutter by holding just the essentials.
  • Peace of mind: Know that you have all your essential documents in one place.

Whether your paper documents are already organized in a file cabinet, or you are just getting started, LifeinCase® benefits people at any stage in life. Major changes can come up unexpectedly, and having essential documents organized and all in one place can take the stress out of locating those important pieces of information and give you peace of mind.

Be prepared for the unexpected, or simply save time when you need to locate an essential document. With LifeinCase®, you will locate your documents easily, or grab them to take with you in an emergency.

I can’t think of any easier way to organize essential documents than LifeinCase®. Check out the LifeinCase® website to learn more about this product. When ordering, receive a 10% discount by using the discount code, INNOVORGANIZER.

If you need help getting your essential documents organized in your LifeinCase®, contact me and I’d be thrilled to help!

Order now and save 10% – use discount code INNOVORGANIZER

Come back and let me know how you like LifeinCase®! I truly hope your experience is just like their tagline: LifeinCase® – Document Organizing Simplified.

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